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Positive Assessment

What is pos­i­tive assessment?

When the assess­ment results are guar­an­teed for the individual’s pri­vate use, and the envi­ron­ment remains hon­est and encour­ag­ing through­out the process, then assess­ment is pos­i­tive.  All our assess­ments were devel­oped with pos­i­tive assess­ment in mind and should be deliv­ered from this pos­i­tive frame of reference.

Why is pos­i­tive assess­ment important?

Mean­ing­ful and last­ing change occurs best in envi­ron­ments that offer pro­tec­tion, per­mis­sion, and empow­er­ment.  Self-exploration is the first step.  Pos­i­tive assess­ment tills a fer­tile soil from which mean­ing­ful change can pol­li­nate and grow.