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In response to the demands of busy work and life, we published our leanest ESAP® yet. The corporate version, the ESAP-C®, contains only 77 items and includes the Extended Profile Report as a guided learning activity.  Use the ESAP-C® to help busy people  explore EI skills quickly and accurately, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and understand steps needed to pursue and achieve meaningful person-centered development.  The assessment is available through easy online accessible and the embedded profile and extended profile report are provided online following completion of the assessment.

The 4 Dimensions and 13 Skills Measured by ESAP®.

I. Interpersonal Dimension

  • Assertive Communication
  • Anxiety Management and Control *
  • Anger Management and Control *

II. Self-Management Dimension

  • Time Management (Self Management Related to Time)
  • Drive Strength (Action Goal Setting and Goal Achievement)
  • Commitment Ethic (Personal Responsibility)
  • Positive Change Orientation*

III. Leadership Dimension

  • Comfort (Social Awareness)
  • Empathy
  • Decision Making
  • Positive Influence (Personal Leadership)

IV. Intrapersonal Dimension

  • Stress Management (Emotional Self-Control)
  • Self-Esteem (Accurate Self-knowledge and  Value)

* Assessed as problematic areas.

Psychometric Properties
Skills positively related with constructive thinking.
Strengths in key areas positively related to success.

Create positive, learner-centered environment in any professional or workforce program.  Develop organizational members by modeling the emotional intelligence skills you seek to develop in them.  The ESAP-C® can help.

Visit the website for the ESAP-C®Price
The ESAP-C® is $39.95.  Available online only through our website at http://www.esap-c.com and paid for with credit card at the time of purchase.  A valid access code is required for purchase.  If you are not working with an ESAP® Program Manager certified by EI Learning Systems, then contact us to obtain your access code.  Program Mangers may make bulk purchases online through their PM portal access.