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Personal Excellence Map®

Front cover of the PEM®The Personal Excellence Map® (PEM®) is a non-diagnostic positive assessment instrument designed to introduce a life-long process of developing specific emotional skills that lead to intelligent self-direction.  Personal excellence is a process of becoming the best person one can be and is reflected in how one is, as well as what one does.  Personal excellence is indicated in people who develop their gifts and talents to the fullest, achieving a harmony in how they think, feel, behave, and believe that leads to productive relationships and outcomes.  Rather than an arrival state, personal excellence is a journey of positive development beyond one’s self.  It manifests in self-defined and self-valued achievements that reflect one’s best efforts.  The EI-centric theory of personal excellence connects the process of building quality from within with the lived experience of each individual.

Includes profile of 15 personal achievement skills for identifying skills to develop, strengthen, enhance; Personal Excellence Map; Continuum of Personal Excellence; dimension and skill definitions; Emotional Learning System® diagram, and Personally Meaningful Growth-Development Model®.  Can be combined with other EILS resources (PEM-360® for investigating blind spots, PEM Coaching Map) for extended learning.

The 5 Dimensions and 15 Skills Measured by PEM®
I.    Purpose-Beliefs Dimension

  • Self-Esteem (Self Value)
  • Congruence
  • Self-Appreciation
  • Self-Confidence

II.  Relationships-Support Dimension

  • Assertion
  • Team Building
  • Positive Influence
  • Empathy

III. Vision-Guidance Dimension

  • Personal Orientation
  • Self-Control
  • Goal Setting

IV.  Commitment-Power Dimension

  • Drive Strength
  • Self-Management

V.   Change-Balance Dimension

  • Decision Making
  • Stress Management

Psychometric Properties

  • Total Personal Excellence is positively related to work and life satisfaction.
  • Total Personal Excellence is not related to level of education or level of income.
  • 5-Point Likert response format.
  • Reading Level: Grade 7.
  • Total internal reliability:  a = 0.97.

PEM®  Formats

The PEM® is currently available in two formats.  While the PEM-III is slightly shorter in length than the original PEM, both formats provide individual scores for all 15 scales, a composite score for each of the 5 dimensions, and a total or global personal excellence score.

Original 93-item PEM® is currently available in paper and pencil only.  Takes about 50 minutes to complete and score.  A very brief (15-item) PEM-360® formative assessment is available and scaled to work well with the original PEM®.

Shorter (60-item) PEM-III®.  Takes about 35 minutes to complete and score.  The PEM-III-360® is a (30-item) formative assessment process designed to work with the PEM-III®.  The 360 formative assessments for either the PEM® or PEM-III® can be filled out by subordinates, peers, and supervisors to uncover blind spots in current personal skills and areas.

Best Practice Applications
Self and leadership development; Team Building, and Coaching Map process.   An excellent tool and resource for personal, professional, leadership growth; team building programs and team performance initiatives; vision planning to integrate personal and organizational excellence.  Useful for extending learning and exploration begun with the the ESAP®.  Training needs assessment and executive coaching processes.

PEM® and PEM-III®:  $20.00 plus printing, shipping/handling, and sales tax (if applicable).
PEM-360® and PEM-III-360®:  $2.00 plus shipping/handling, and sales tax (if applicable).
Personal Excellence Map® (PEM®) Interpretation and Intervention Guide