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Skills for Career And Life Effectiveness®

Image of profile from SCALE® websiteSkills for Career and Life Effectiveness® (SCALE®) was developed through factor analysis research using data from the first ever positive assessment instrument designed and published by Darwin Nelson and Gary Low.  In its former version, the instrument has been used for over 25 years by Margo Murray of The Managers’ Mentor, MMHA, LCC.  It has a strong lineage and proven track record for client engagement and meaningful skill development in business, corporate, and government service settings.  The online assessment is only 105 items and generates over 50 pages of reports and feedback for guided mentoring and self-directed coaching.  The SCALE® utilizes positive assessment and emphasizes the development of career and life skills in professional environments.

Profile of 11 EI skills for identifying skills to develop, strengthen, enhance; 3 problem indicators identifying low, normal, high levels; informative background information with definitions for initial learning about EI skills; clickable links for in-depth reading and learning about EI skills.  The clickable links with additional information include references for further reading, research, and learning.

The 5 Dimensions and 14 scales Measured by SCALE®
I.  Intrapersonal Dimension

  • Self-Esteem

II.  Interpersonal Dimension

  • Assertive Communication
  • Comfort
  • Empathy

III. Career-Life Effectiveness Dimension

  • Drive Strength
  • Decision Making
  • Time Management
  • Influence
  • Commitment Ethic

IV.  Personal Wellness

  • Stress Management
  • Physical Wellness

V.  Problematic Behavioral Patterns

  • Aggression
  • Deference
  • Change Orientation

Psychometric Properties

  • Skills positively related with constructive thinking and life/career effectiveness.
  • Internal reliability:  a = 0.90.
  • 3-Point Likert response format.
  • Items are computer generated,  presented randomly, and presented one item at a time via dedicated website (www) technology.

Technical guide under development.

SCALE® is available online for $33.50 per assessment.  The online process is designed for large scale applications, such as universities and corporations, and is utilized effectively by individual consultants.

We encourage anyone who uses our assessment products to attend one or more of our EI Certification Workshops for in-depth learning about the transformative model of EI.  As part of the certification, a complimentary Association Business Partner (ABP) and program manager (PM) accounts are offered for online access and control of purchased instruments.  SCALE® is purchased by contacting us.  Once purchased, the online SCALE® is managed and accessed by visiting http://www.doscale.com.

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