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Resiliency Skills Assessment Process®

ReSAP® assessment front coverThe Resiliency Skills Assessment Process® (ReSAP®) and embedded behavioral check list were developed from the research-derived thinking patterns and observable behaviors of high achieving professionals in a variety of work environments.  Intelligent self-direction is the priority and prerequisite skill for career/life success in the 21st Century workplace. Resiliency skills are the essential behaviors for achieving high levels of productivity and personal well-being in high stress work environments.

Individuals who set high personal goals and strive for excellence experience distress and negative emotions when achievement is blocked or rendered impossible by external circumstances and/or change factors beyond their control. Resiliency skills are essential for maintaining personal well being and serve to protect high achievers from distress, negative emotions, and physical exhaustion. The purpose of this assessment is to help you explore, identify and understand specific skills that are significantly related to high levels of achievement and resiliency.

Your results from the Resiliency Skills Assessment are meant as a map or guide for identifying your current strengths and planning learning and training experiences to develop, strengthen, and enhance skills that will increase your levels of achievement, productivity, and personal well-being.

Your manager, peers or subordinates may complete the Resiliency Skills Checklist to provide an external source of information for your use in individual development planning. mentoring and coaching. The self-assessment and external checklist provide a practical and applied definition of goal achievement and resiliency skills. The assessment results provide a positive and specific model for mentoring and coaching relationships that focus on the development of healthy and productive employees.

Words like Emotional Intelligence, Resiliency, Achievement Motivation, Mindfulness and Optimism are attempts to communicate the meaning of actual behaviors that successful individuals practice daily. The resiliency assessment provides a research derived and operational definition of specific, learned abilities or skills that individuals learn through direct experience in living and working.  Our long term research and experiences indicate these Resiliency skills are learned best in mentoring, coaching, and teaching relationships characterized by empathy, respect, trust, honesty and genuine interest in the personal well being and success of the individual being mentored, coached or taught. Think of the Resiliency Skills Assessment as a structured model for reflective thinking and emotional skill development.

Our certified consultants and trainers have access to this positive assessment instrument, or it may be obtained directly through us.

Pricing: $20.00 each.  Currently available in paper and pencil only.  Contact us for more information.