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Sales Skills Assessment Process®

SaSAP® front coverSales is vital career field, and potentially, a very lucrative one too!  The problem reported by many sales managers is that sales performance often plateaus early in individual careers, even when there is much room for higher levels of production and performance.   The emotional intelligence (EI) skills explored and developed using the Sales Skills Assessment Process® (SASAP®) are time tested and proven for helping sales people reach and exceed individual career  potential.

The SASAP® is a positive self-report assessment designed to help sales people explore the important skills of professional sales.  Rather than viewing sales ability as innate or inborn, the foundation of the SASAP® is person-centered and approached from an education or transformative way of thinking about and developing EI over time and through through specific efforts.  The first step is to explore individual sales skills using the SASAP®.  Once key skills are identified for improvement, then the individual can work work with mentors, coaches, and others to identify, learn, and apply those skills in personally meaningful ways.

The EI skills explored using SASAP® include

  • Achievement Drive
  • Contact Initiation
  • Time Management
  • Self-Esteem
  • Approaching
  • Interviewing
  • Demonstrating
  • Validating
  • Negotiating
  • Closing
  • Follow Up

Words like Emotional Intelligence, Achievement Drive, Mindfulness, and Optimism are attempts to communicate the meaning of actual behaviors that successful individuals practice daily. The sales skills assessment process provides a research derived and operational definition of specific, learned abilities or skills that individuals learn through direct experience in living and working.  Our long term research and experiences indicate these sales skills are learned best in mentoring, coaching, and teaching relationships characterized by empathy, respect, trust, honesty and genuine interest in the personal well being and success of the individual being mentored, coached or taught. Think of the sales skills assessment as a structured model for reflective thinking and emotional skill development.

Cost: $20.00 each.  Currently available in paper & pencil only.  Our certified consultants and trainers have access to this positive assessment sales skills instrument.  It may also be obtained directly by contacting us.