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Front cover of AWAKE Daily EI JournalFrom the author, Darwin Nelson, Ph.D.
I have done hundreds of seminars for thousands of people over the last forty-one years, and the most common question asked of me was, “What is emotional intelligence, and how do you develop or learn it?”  I had answered the question each time it was asked, and really never heard what I was really being asked; how do you develop emotional intelligence?

The AWAKE Journal is my honest answer.  This is what I do to develop emotional intelligence every day.  The reflective periods became great sources of creativity and energy for me.   I use my reflective periods for exploring my experience or what Jung would have called my collective unconscious, the storehouse of memories that is unique to me.

I have found story telling, reflective journaling, and holistic thinking to be valuable sources of learning for me. My professional orientation since encountering Abe Maslow, Carl Rogers, and Sidney Jourard as a young doctoral student has always been positive psychology. My thinking is Eastern rather than Western and I thought Leibnitz and Spinoza were more right than Locke, Berkley, Hume, Kant, Descartes, and

My first graduate research paper in 1965 refuted the tradition of British Empiricism and their celebration of logical positivism and quantitative inquiry. I was a systemic phenomenologist and did not know what that was until a year or so ago.  The little AWAKE book and journal is simply a sharing of what I have come to believe as my truth.  I believe that through a disciplined approach and daily use, it can be yours too.  AWAKE is a great way to develop EI in oneself.

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