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Bodacious The Wonder Truck©

Front cover of BodaciousA children’s book on Emotional Intelligence. Bodacious is the name of a special truck who loves fun, adventure, and doing important work.  As his name indicates, he is brave, fearless, and willing to take risks to accomplish important goals.  Unlike most trucks, but very much like people, Bodacious has feelings.  Because of his nature and experiences in life, Bodacious initially had very strong feelings, especially anger.  But then Bodacious learned about feelings from the people who cared about him, and he learned to be an emotionally intelligent truck!  In fact, he learned all the feelings like anger, fear, sadness, and joy.  Bodacious The Wonder Truck is a true story, and the book is about how this old truck became special and a wonder to the people who knew him.  Bodacious is a 1952 Dodge Power Wagon that helps people and leads an adventurous life.  Most of all, he loves adventure and doing meaningful work.  After almost 50 years of adventure, Bodacious has asked me to share his story with young people.  I hope you will enjoy learning about Bodacious – the truck with feelings.

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