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Don’t see the assessment product or education materials you need?  Specific research can be geared toward answering initial questions as well as gaining a wealth of information on the skill characteristics of successful versus unsuccessful experiences with new employees, students, military recruits, anyone. With some thoughtful introduction and support at the beginning leading into training, there could be demonstrable gains in retention and other success measures.

From our perspective, many organizations experience issues very similar to ACCESS and SUCCESS goals of community colleges.  It seems like the obvious, however, remains elusive.  What most schools and organizations attempt to do is test and then require certain courses already in place based on the person’s scores.  What is most needed in many cases is a way to strengthen the foundation at the very beginning with a person-centered process that includes positive assessment and the development of goals tied to the assessment and to the individual’s goals.

A productive activity in new applications of our positive assessment processes is the norming of instruments for populations within specific organizations and cultures.  While research has shown our instruments to be quite stable across cultures (see Dukrat, 2009 for a comparison of first-year students from South Texas and South Africa), finding the norms in new applications provides an initial baseline for future work and organizational improvement.

The cost of research and related publishing varies depending on the goals for the research, research design, and needed reporting. For more information, please contact us.