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Leadership Excellence — Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Persional Excellence Map®, PEM-360®, and EI Coaching Map®

Our the­ory of Trans­for­ma­tive EI has been linked to trans­for­ma­tional lead­er­ship  (Tang, Yin, & Nel­son, 2010), resilience (Trapp, 2010), and work-life con­tent­ment (Ham­mett, 2007).  It has also been rec­om­mended through orig­i­nal research for the enhance­ment of a uni­ver­sity busi­ness cur­ricu­lum (Vil­lar­real, 2010; Ramos-Villarreal & Hol­land, 2011).

The goal of the Lead­er­ship Devel­op­ment Work­shop is to engage prac­tic­ing lead­ers and lead­ers of the future in a con­tin­u­ous, self-directed, and reflec­tive learn­ing process that helps them per­son­ally explore and develop endur­ing behaviors–character that reflects the core val­ues of integrity, ser­vice before self, and excel­lence.  The aca­d­e­mic study of lead­er­ship, hav­ing a good under­stand­ing of lead­er­ship the­ory and ethics, is cru­cial for build­ing tech­ni­cally capa­ble lead­ers.  A par­al­lel study of self related to the endur­ing behav­iors  pro­vides the cat­a­lyst for excel­lent lead­er­ship.  Lead­er­ship excel­lence is a self-directed process of devel­op­ing qual­ity from within.  The one day sem­i­nar on lead­er­ship excel­lence is based on the intro­duc­tion and expla­na­tion of EI as the learned abil­ity to think con­struc­tively and act wisely, self-exploration of per­sonal excel­lence using the Per­sonal Excel­lence Map®, the intro­duc­tion of the PEM-360® for uncov­er­ing blind spots, and the EI Coach­ing Map® for ongo­ing devel­op­ment and growth.

Cost: $550 per per­son (plus expenses if exported to your loca­tion).  Includes the PEM®, PEM-36®, and EI Coach­ing Map®.  Con­tact us for more information.