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Relationship Skills for Work and Business

The Relationship Skills Map® (RSM®) is a positive self-assessment of emotional intelligence skills that are essential to establishing, maintaining, and enhancing healthy primary relationships.   The RSM -CV® (Corporate Version) was developed to assess the quality of work relationships in corporate and organizational settings.  Emotional Intelligence (EI) training is a major focus in corporations and building healthy and effective work relationships is a priority.  Fueling Success:  How Emotional Intelligence Helped Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) and its Employees Grow (Sen, Nelson, and Rao, 2009) illustrated the value of relationship focused emotional learning in transforming the culture of a global Fortune 500 company.

Within the business consulting and training context the RSM-CV® results are especially helpful in three specific areas: (a) assessing and developing healthy relationship skills, (b) identifying and clarifying relationship skill development priorities for facilitated mentoring, and (c) providing a research derived basis for executive coaching and leadership development.  Healthy intra- and inter-personal relationships are the foundation of productivity and personal well-being.  Developing human potential and leadership excellence are priorities in top businesses globally.

The structure of the RSM-CV® provides a positive and practical framework for conceptualizing healthy relationships.  Unlike traditional measures of relationship satisfaction and personality, the RSM-CV® results are related to specific behaviors that can be learned and developed.  The RSM-CV® results help identify skill strengths, as well as skills for change and development.  The instrument is a reflective learning tool and a personal guide to meaningful emotional learning and personal skill development.

Cost: $250 per person for the one day RSM® for Business seminar for team building in work settings (plus expenses when exported to your location).  Includes the RSM-CV® assessment and RSM Professional Manual.  Contact us for more information.