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Facilitating the Life Style Type Indicator

Individuals are not a “personality type,” and there are no “pure” types.  The LSTI® provides an opportunity for people to develop an increased awareness of current life-style that has shaped their characteristic ways of believing, thinking, feeling, and behaving (personality).  The workshop for Facilitating the Lifestyle Type Indicator® provides facilitators and trainers with first-hand experience  administering, interpreting, and explaining personality types, as well as a constructive way of thinking about personality using our transformative approach of emotional intelligence (EI).

Balance is the key to healthy personality and a wellness lifestyle.  All lifestyle Types have their unique strengths when balanced.  Likewise, all Types may become counter-productive when out of balance.  Developing EI skills creates balance and harmony and leads to personal well-being and career excellence.

Each participant in this one day workshop will experience the LSTI™, gain a process and model for lifestyle and wellness seminars for their own use, and receive a packet of ten LSTI™ assessments and learning guides for use with current/future clients.  Participants will be able to offer their own seminar on lifestyle and personal wellness with emotional intelligence as the central emphasis.

Who should attend?

  • Professionals looking for alternatives to traditional personality and type
  • assessment, such as MBTI, DiSC, and Colors personality descriptions;
  • Colleagues currently using EI Learning Systems’ assessments, books, programs;
  • Education and HR professionals seeking integrated models for wellness, personal health, positive change model, and high achievement;
  • Others interested in learning about the education and transformative theory and models of emotional intelligence.

Cost: $500 per person (plus expenses when exported to your location). Contact us for more information.