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360 Degree Assessments

What may be intended as honest and helpful during a communication exchange may well be interpreted by others as aggressive.  I may think I have great time management skills.  After all, I am able to juggle so many tasks!  But what if my boss(es), peers, subordinates, or customers think I have trouble focusing on the task at hand?  A similar case can be made for all EI skill areas.

Think for a moment about the “leader” you worked for whose every behavior seemed designed to promote their own agenda.  Key differentiators of good leaders include their person-centered approach when dealing with others and their awareness of both their own strengths and specific areas where they can improve.  Good leaders treat others with respect and they work on self in specific areas that need work.

Everyone has blind spots.  We provide brief 360 degree formative assessment products to help people discover their blind spots.   Our learning materials, workshops, and seminars provide ways to help people work on areas of interest.  Need a more personalized approach?  EI certified mentor and coaching professionals are available through our faculty link at EITRI.

Price:  Sold in packages of 50 for $125 per package. Brief 360 formative assessments can be paired with any of our positive assessment instruments.  Available in paper and pencil only.  Self-scored and plotted by ratee after assessments have been returned from raters.