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360 Degree Assessments

What may be intended as hon­est and help­ful dur­ing a com­mu­ni­ca­tion exchange may well be inter­preted by oth­ers as aggres­sive.  I may think I have great time man­age­ment skills.  After all, I am able to jug­gle so many tasks!  But what if my boss(es), peers, sub­or­di­nates, or cus­tomers think I have trou­ble focus­ing on the task at hand?  A sim­i­lar case can be made for all EI skill areas.

Think for a moment about the “leader” you worked for whose every behav­ior seemed designed to pro­mote their own agenda.  Key dif­fer­en­tia­tors of good lead­ers include their person-centered approach when deal­ing with oth­ers and their aware­ness of both their own strengths and spe­cific areas where they can improve.  Good lead­ers treat oth­ers with respect and they work on self in spe­cific areas that need work.

Every­one has blind spots.  We pro­vide brief 360 degree for­ma­tive assess­ment prod­ucts to help peo­ple dis­cover their blind spots.   Our learn­ing mate­ri­als, work­shops, and sem­i­nars pro­vide ways to help peo­ple work on areas of inter­est.  Need a more per­son­al­ized approach?  EI cer­ti­fied men­tor and coach­ing pro­fes­sion­als are avail­able through our fac­ulty link at EITRI.

Price:  Sold in pack­ages of 50 for $125 per pack­age. Brief 360 for­ma­tive assess­ments can be paired with any of our pos­i­tive assess­ment instru­ments.  Avail­able in paper and pen­cil only.  Self-scored and plot­ted by ratee after assess­ments have been returned from raters.