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Logo for EILSMost of us believe we can improve in some areas. Emotional Intelligence Learning Systems (EILS) helps individuals and organizations identify strengths and areas for improvement by offering  research-derived assessments, services, and materials for achieving meaningful growth and change.  We offer assessment, research, consulting, and publishing services focused on person-centered approaches for developing important social-emotional skills.   Our work is shaped by a forty-plus-year guiding philosophy that respects individual differences and healthy ways of being in the world.  Our emphasis is on individual potential for intelligent self-direction; behaviors that lead to positive personal and organizational development.

Our theory of human behavior is positive, integrative, and research derived.  Our philosophy provides a holistic view of the person based on the assumption that cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills can be learned and developed through transformative learning experiences that are relevant and meaningful from the learner’s frame of reference.  We believe that people have the potential to develop themselves in meaningful and self-valued ways that lead to higher levels of personal well-being, achievement, and life/career effectiveness.  Our approach fits extremely well for individuals that believe people can and do change for the better, and for organizations and institutions that fundamentally value their employees, clients, and stakeholders.

Our positive assessments and emotional learning models are extensions of our guiding philosophy and offer practical approaches to quantify and develop emotional intelligence skills. We see emotional intelligence overtly reflected in constructive thinking processes and wise behaviors that improve a person’s quality of life, productivity, and success.

EILS Vision

EILS strives for excellence in providing research derived EI-centric assessments, learning programs, products, and services to culturally and geographically diverse clientele.  We imagine a world in which all people are collaborative and have the opportunity to enjoy health and meaningful work.

EILS Mission

The mission of EILS is to build healthy and effective individuals and organizations.  Positive personal and organizational changes occur as individuals learn to model and apply the key skills and competencies of our transformational model of emotional intelligence.

What is the transformative model of emotional intelligence?

It’s a skills-based model that incorporates an educational process integrating positive self-assessment with the facilitated emotional learning system (ELS) to improve quality of life and personal productivity.  Specifically, improvements target:

  • the accurate knowledge and value of self
  • individual responsible actions based on personal worth and dignity
  • a variety of strong, healthy relationships
  • the ability to work well with others
  • productive reactions to the demands and pressures of every day life and work

What is positive self-assessment?

Positive self-assessment is a process of non-threatening self-exploration that results in a personal skills profile which can be used in a disciplined approach for improving health, happiness, and success.

What is the emotional learning system?

Achieving higher levels of health, happiness, and career success is based on the life skill areas encompassed in the transformative model of emotional intelligence. The emotional learning system is a disciplined, five-step approach for learning to model and apply wiser, more appropriate behavior in emotionally charged situations.  The life skill areas of the transformative model of emotional intelligence include:

  • Interpersonal Communication Under Stress
  • Personal Leadership
  • Self Management in Life and Career
  • Intrapersonal Development